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Arable farming


Italian producer of grain dryers since 1968. We introduced multiple machines to
farmers and the National Agricultural Research Institute of Japan due to the
advantages over Japanese dryers.


The compact and light weight self-propelled sprayers from the Italian producer
Mazzotti, a 100% subsidiary of John Deere, offer a high-tech crop treatment
while keeping the impact on the soil to a minimum.

Vegetable farming - potatoes & onions

The temperate climate makes Hokkaido the main area in Japan for growing vegetables.
Due to this AGFM offers a wide variety of planting and harvesting machines from all over the world to support this important business.

The italian transplanters from Ferrari not only provide an efficient planting but are also gentle to the seedlings.

Dewulf from Belgium offers all kinds of machines included in the growing process of potatoes, carrots and onions.

Box loading trailers from the English producer Larrington help making an easy connection between field and storage.

Garlic Farming


Garlic farming is a niche business on Hokkaido.
The Spanish garlic machine maker JJ Broch offers complete systems from planting to grading and cleaning, which we could successfully introduce to several farmers in North Japan.

Dairy Farming


The Canadian Nuhn Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of liquid manure
spreaders and other manure related equipment.




Together with the Austrian wood chipper maker MUSMAX we successfully introduced wood chippers to the growing japanese biomass market. Started 10 years ago we now have over 30 machines in operation all over Japan.


Additionally to the wood chippers we successfully introduced log splitting machines from the Austrian producer POSCH.
With this system customers from the forestry industry can easily produce and pack fire wood in different sizes.

Safety clothes


To round up our portfolio we partnered up with the Austrian safety clothes producer PFANNER.
The positive feedback for the product led us to create PFANNER Japan as an own brand to keep the success going.
The safety clothes from Pfanner are now not only popular with single customers but are bought by forestry schools and associations as well.

Our Forestry network in Japan


Long-standing, trusting business relationships with local partners, forestry associations and forestry companies have enabled us to successfully establish
our products throughout Japan and leave behind satisfied customers.

Used machines

Used machines

With several partners we offer a wide variety of new and used machines from all over the world in Japan.


The Croatian wholesaler BKL offers a large stock of agriculture machines from tillers and planters to harvesters.


With partners in UK and Germany we can offer our japanese customers tractors and planters from John Dear.


Our wood biomass boiler partner in Japan

As we are involved in the forestry business our relationship with WBenergy came naturally.
Since 2015 WBenergy is introducing biomass boilers from the Austrian producer KWB in Japan.


In 2022 more than 30 boilers are running successfully all over Japan helping to achieve Japans renewable energy goals.

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Agri Forest Machine Representative Director: Daniel Yamada
Founding October 1st, 1991
Business content Importer of agriculture and forestry machines
Affiliated companies Pfanner Japan / Wbenergy
TEL : +81 011-807-0150
FAX : +81 011-807-0149
Main office
069-0215 South 15 Line West 22 Sorachi-gun Nanporo-City, Hokkaido
Branch office
099-5171 7-39-1 Shokotsu Monbetsu City, Hokkaido

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Agri Forest Machine
Representative Director: Daniel Yamada
TEL : +81 011-807-0150
FAX : +81 011-807-0149
Main office
069-0215 South 15 Line West 22 Sorachi-gun Nanporo-City, Hokkaido
Branch office
099-5171 7-39-1 Shokotsu Monbetsu City, Hokkaido